Become an Instructor Course


The Become an instructor course is necessary for anyone who want to create and monetize a course on Adullam Academy. You’ll find it very easy to create a course on Adullam Academy. All the task can be done in one place. There’s this Course Builder section which will take care of creating courses, topics, lessons, quizzes, assignments, and questions. Mostly everything that is accessible to a student once they enroll in a course. The rest of the sections control the data that will be put on the Course overview page.

As an instructor, you get a dedicated dashboard to keep track of all the functionalities you get on Adullam Academy. Once you visit the site, you will get a view of the dashboard. From the dashboard you can monitor all your course stats. You get a complete overview of how many courses you have created, the total number of students, entire earning and more. You also get a list of the most popular courses right from the dashboard.


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